Pointe de Vorlaz climbing

The chair up to the staring point I will keep as a secret, you will have to find it your self. If you are lucky enough to discover "The Valley de la Manche" and the conditions are right, you will be going into a top quality back country region,(which is not too difficult to ski / snowboard) with all of the excitement and dangers which follow it and an easy return back to Morzine.

Pointe de Vorlaz Pointe de Vorlaz

In your sack:
1 /Ice Axe.
2/ Spade.
3/ Avalanche rods.
4/ Water bottle or camel pack.
5/ High energy snacks.
6/ First aid kit.
7/ Telephone.
8/ Sun Cream.
9/ Binding Tool.
8/ Spare goggles.
9/ Knife.

Panoramic Views

Attached to your body:
1/ Helmet
2/ Goggles
3/ Breatherable waterproof clothing
4/ Gloves.
5/ Boots.
6/ Receiver-emitter.
7/ Talkie-walkie
8/ Whistle

Portes du Soleil right hand bowl

The spring conditions were perfect and we had been waiting for a chance to do this run for the last few weeks but the weather and late nights down the Cavern Bar had seemed to keep it in the distance. Today there would be no stopping us.

written : 2002 updated : 2020 (merci Archie for some of the photos)