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Point de Grave where the Atlantic ocean meets the Gironde estuary

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    The Point de Grave is the most northern point of the Medoc, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the flowing tidal waters of the Gironde Estuary.

    Nouvelle-Aquitaine: The end of the road (and rail line). Here you will find the ferry port for the Gironde Estuary crossing from Verdon-sur-Mer to Royan, the old port and a few bars, fantasic fish restaurants and a hotel; the Hotel Ocean. (maybe still open)

    Nouvelle-Aquitaine cobbled road

    The Point de Grave boasts a fine light house built in the 1850's called the 'Phare de Grave' and a small museum below explaining a bit about the historical happenings of the Medoc region, so a quick visit is on the books if you are wating for the ferry to dock.

    estuary front

    To the west you will find an uncrowded beach, (watch the very strong) currents, due to the mass of water moving into the Gironde. Not a safe place to swim) which never seems to be used except for the local dog walker or fisherman. Old german bunkers can be found hidden in the trees and sand dunes to the east and west (this was a concrete fortress in WW2).

    Lots of places for a walk and bike tracks galore. If you've got a big swell running the west coast beach will give you some short fast tubes, but also a heavy current, best at high and low water (less current), NOT for beginners.

    Travelling to Point de Grave by car from the south, leave the Bordeaux ring road (junction 8). Follow the RN 215 until Salaunes passing Castelnau de Medoc, St-Laurent and Lesparre then its straight on untill the end of the road!

    Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro

    Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro

    The Point de Grave is a great place to watch the Solitaire Urgo-Le Figaro. Even better if you are able to hop on a boat

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