Sign on the way into the village of Asni

From Marrakech take the s 501 towards the Tizi-n-Test valley. Ansi will be the first major village that you pass through after Tarrandout. The village has been the centre of many stories through the years; mainly bad. The talk of people being ripped off is written in all of the guides.

My views of the village were different, yes I felt a desperation ( so would you if most people drove through your village and did not stop) from the local village people.

On the road TY at garage in Asni

The only hotel closed, the only camping closed so no tourists.. The once a week souk the highlight of your existence. The tourists going to Imlil change from one form of taxi to another in the village square, so you have to be fast to sell your jewelry, leather and carpets.

Looking up the valley. In the village you will find a sign marking the route to the mosque de Tinmal. This mosque is open to all religions, so a visit is possible. There are only 2 mosques in Morocco which let you inside.

The apple is the village's main source of income, during the September harvest the village is a hive of activity with the 8.5 ton lorries spending their time between the fields and Marrakech. Watch out when you are driving, as the road is only one car wide in places.

Asni souk and shops

Asni souk: Here you will also find Houssa selling his wears. Houssa has an indepth knowledge of the local mineral and fossil deposits which are found in abundance in this mineral rich area. Last year, he gave a television interview ( TF2 Fr) on the minerals found in this region, so stop by and drink a mint tea if you want to find out more on the way out of the village.

Houssa minerals for sale Houssa minerals for sale

The Souk of Asni brings people to the village each Saturday. Garage Asni with Omar. Your "Last fill" before the Tizi-n-Test Col. The baker. Ask for a khobz, that's the local name for the bread.