yamaha ty 250

The mule tracks which crisis cross the high passes and valleys are the haven for any serious off-road biker, with the terrain changing from harsh mountains and forests to desert and sand, you will find something for all levels. The terrain gives you technical for the trials and fast open pistes for the enduro fan.


The only petrol driven traffic on these mule tracks which wind their way into the mountains for hundreds of km will be the scooter. This gives the tracks a great wheel line, which will at times make you feel as if you are riding a roller coaster. Watch out for the hard working donkeys, mules and camels which will be sharing the route with you.

Bring your own bike or rent through Adrar Aventure. You will push your limits between the Sand Dunes of the Sahara and the Mule Tracks of the High Atlas as you fine tune your skills through this forever changing land.

Round Trip : Aremd - Imlil - Asni - Tansghart - Imsker - Arg - Tachedirt - Tamatert - Imlil - Aremd.


36km climbing from Asni at 1165m to an altitude of over 2200m then finishing in Imlil. You make your way up on the piste towards Asni. Drop down left onto the piste after Tansghart.


Follow the valley South using the piste until Imsker, where your days riding will now take on another dimension. (Enjoy Arg on the way)

The piste thins out into a mule track and the drop offs get bigger on your right hand side, relax... The section to the village of Ouaneskra has over 5 km of exposed riding with a long walk to pick up the bike if you drop her!

mule track

This section was over 2 km long and will slow you down.. The section from Asni to Ouaneskra will make you feel as if you are part of the Paris Dakha. The children running beside you will bring smiles to your tired arms.


If you need a push start there will be 20 small hands all trying to help at the same time.

The village of is your next chance for a stop off for the night. Relax and enjoy the waves and smiles of the children. The entrance into the village will give your arms a breather as the track flattens out as it climbs through the village.

You will know when you have reached the Gite Soleil by the 20m rock section before the entrance. Pop this and park up with the mules on the left. The Gite is a place to take off your boots and kick back for a few hours watching the sun set in the valley below.

ty 250

Climb the last steep following the river until you find the start of the piste. Follow this until the Col. of Tizi-n-Ticka 2279m between Imlil and Ouaneskra. From here drop down the other side and the village of Imlil.

AND ping.... lucky she's a twin shock !

cut in the tyre

AND ping.... lucky she's a twin shock ! Spot the cut in the tyre.. close.

ty 250 at the garage

HIGH TOUR. Aremd - Imlil - Asni - Sidi Faress - Oukaimeden - Ouaneskra - Tachedirt - Tamatert - Imlil - Aremd.

map trip

So down the valley from Aremd was the first stage, the TY flying down the bumpy dusty track with the sound of the 250cc buzzing in my ears was all that I needed. Arriving in Imlil after 15 fun minutes gave me the next direction...north and on to Asni, the piste I now had got to know well, the jumps and straights passing with ease as I kept the TY in the power band..

piste motobike

A close passage with a group of 4x4 in one section got the heart racing as I came around one bend to find the road blocked as the paying customers worked their way through endless rolls of film. I saw the gap and hit the power, the TY jumping over the roads edge in a cloud of dust was enough to get the attention of the cameras and the room needed past the next 4 Landrovers.

fuel up in Asni

Forward and down the valley is the way, through the small villages which are attached to the road for their lifeline. Arriving in Asni a quick fill at the local garage, it strikes me as odd that in a "dry" country the 2 stroke mix is served in wine bottles! Out of Asni and on to Sidi Faress a classic Berber village sitting on the top of the hill. Quick stop for a cafe at the only shop, which is stationed on the side of the road. The piste is a good one, watch out for the mules...


From Sidi Faress, the Col Vas, a great place for a break and views of the valley below

Col Forward and up the valley

From here head down following the piste, first dropping through the forest, watch out for hunters (when in season) before you will join the road rising up into the ski resort of Oukaimeden.

chez juju Oukaimeden oukaimeden summer time

Now things will get a bit harder, as you push on upwards out of the ski resort, follow the mule track, direction Tachedirt. This track is one of the highest in Morocco rising over 2900m and is steep. You will have to comfortable on your bike, as a fall will not end before the valley floor.

The mountain side is super steep.... I dropped the TY on a steep section and was lucky.......be careful. Some of the drop off's are woww. At the top of the Col de Tizi-n-Eddi - 2928m.

Take a break at the Col de Tizi-n-Eddi with Briam, Omar and Siad who walk up each day to open the "cafe", here in Morocco you could be in the most desolate area and still find somebody selling water and orange juice!

Tizi-n-Eddi 2928m

Now down again, this side of the Col is also very steep as you drop to the valley below, as you follow the mule track down before ending up in the village of Ouaneskra as from the tour above.

follow the mule track follow the mule track tea time!

When I arrived in the village of Tachedirt, I was the first motorbike which had completed this route! Tea Time was on in the honoured way, before I attacked the piste to Imlil.

written : 2002 updated : 2020