Atlas Mountains

Moroccan artifacts go a long way back and the carpet is certainly the oldest of all of them. Here is a country famous for its carpets and carpet production and a long history to go with it.

Ourigane Valley

With household names such as Kilim (embroidered carpet from Mid Atlas), Glawa (stitched, knotted and embroidered from the High Atlas) and Taznaght (knotted carpet from the High Atlas) you have found a product which is a must to take home with you.

CARPET MAKING : The loom is traditionally made from the local wood of the valley and is part of the tradition of each household in Morocco, a country famous for its carpets, rugs and mats. Khali from the Brothers Amazoze Imlil in the High Atlas Mountains have the last say in the village on your way up the valley towards Toubkal.

Tizi Oussem trekking

This bazaar in Imlil is a place where you can find some of the finest carpets and blankets in the region. Khali will average 8 hours, 6 days per week behind the loom. The Berber carpets are the most famous of Morocco and are handmade with naturally dyed wool.


The carpet industry in Morocco ranges from the family unit to the industrial machine. Making good quality carpets can take months and is traditionally made by the same family. The value of the carpets is based on the intricacy of the design, the age, the number of knots and the strength of the fabrics.


CARPET SHOPPING : Buying a Moroccan carpet can be one of the more pleasurable shopping experiences. But first decide first if you really want it and then decide what you really want to pay. Offer the seller a little less than what you're willing to pay as your opening counteroffer to his first price. Once you enter into negotiations, you can walk away at any time, but if you agree on a price, then you'll have to buy (walking away after accepting a price is against the rules).


Some sellers will shout, fuss, even seem to get mad and terribly offended, but its all just part of the game. If the vendor looks miserable after you've bought the carpet you got a good deal. If the vendor is smiling and you walk away thinking how easy that was, then you've just been taken to the cleaners..

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written : 2002 updated : 2020