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A tagine is a earthen wear African steam cooker. It will keep your ingredients moist due to its ingenious construction.

The tajine is the way forward... Preparation is completed in about 20 min's, then all you have to do is watch it cook. If you are cooking outside( in a hot country) keep the tajine in the shade.

The tajine is traditionally eaten with your right hand, using bread as the eating implement helps to stop you burning your hands. A knife is used to cut the meat from the bone. Eating in this manner has advantages over the knife and fork; less washing up. Everybody eats from the same dish, this makes eating a more social event, each person will have their "corner" of the tajine.

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Meat tajine:
1/ argon oil or olive oil
2/ meat (minced or on the bone) chicken
3/ onions
4/ paprika/olives
5/ pepper salt
6/ vegetables (carrot/courgette/potatoes/ green pepper)

Cooking your tajine:
1/ Heat the base of the tajine with a layer of oil spread evenly
2/ Takeout the meat. Place chopped carrots on the bottom.
3/ Cover with oil. Add the meat, potatoes, vegetables and spices.
4/ Cover and cook for 30-70 min. ( Depending on the size).

Eat straight from the tajine using your hands for that real Atlas sensation. You must always eat the tajine fresh from the fire. Eating from the earthenware pots, so not to lose any of the juices or the crispy bottom..

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Cooking a fish based tajine:
1/ Heat the tajine until hand hot, add a layer of hot oil and a layer of sliced carrots to the bottom of the tajine( stop the fish from burning).
2/ Add the fish, lemon and garlic to the centre of the fish.
3/ Quickly add the the chili peppers, garlic, tomatoes, lemon, olives, salt and pepper.
4/ After 10 min. add some water.
5/ Simmer for 20 min.
6/ Drink a mint tea.