Agadir 'n' Irir

Agadir is one of Morocco's main western seaports on the Atlantic Ocean. The name is a shortened version of "Agadir n Irir", a Berber word which means "a fortified granary".

Road to the souk

The Berber fishermen were the first settlers in the 12th century when the tribe of Ksima Tribe moved to the region of Agadir. From 1325 to 1540, Portuguese Traders controlled the area and used Agadir as its main trading point for the traffic coming up the coast from the south.

fishing fleet

The fishing fleet from Agadir landed over 10% of the national catch in 2000. Morocco is the largest producer and exporter of sardines in the world and the biggest fish producer in Africa. So lots of fishermen in this Atlantic port.

Agadir Souk

In 1541 the founder of the Saadian Dynasty, Mohammed Echeikh el Mehdi, threw out the Portuguese. During this time trade flourished and Agadir experienced its Golden Age. In the 17th century the Alaouite dynasty ousted the Saadians from the land, then the Berber Tazeroualt dynasty rebelled against the Alaouites and took control of the Sous region.

Under the Berber's rule, Agadir became a major port until the Alaouites reclaimed the area and closed the port. In 1911 Kaiser Willhelm II, King of Prussia attempted to set up a naval base which the French Premier, Joseph Callaux in exchange for a piece of the Congo.

French troops entered the area in 1913. In the 1930s, Agadir played an important role as a staging post for French airmail and also gained status as the world's leading sardine port. On February 29, 1960, a devastating earthquake destroyed the city. By 1962, a modern resort town had been built incorporating the latest seismically sound technology.

beach sunset

Agadir is a number one destination for vacationers in Morocco on the package holiday. If anybody is looking for a spot for a stag or a hen party, Agadir will give you the ideal sun destination for that long weekend of fun only 4 hours by plane from the UK.

A beach resort of many activities: golf, sailing, tennis, jet ski, scooters, windsurfing, surfing and a beach of fine and golden sand which is over ten kilometres long

producing a stunning waterfall

A group of women will have little to no trouble, but a solo women alone will get some unwelcome attention, if you have to do it alone wear conservative clothing and politely refuse or just ignore any unwelcome advances.

As for the nightlife, women out on their own after midnight watch out for Cinderella. Otherwise there is a collection of great Bars and Night Clubs which are open throughout the year.

Souk El Had

Souk El Had. This labyrinth of 4000 different stores is a main attraction of Agadir. Inside you will be able to wander for hours drinking mint tea while sampling the delights of Morocco.

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