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My meteorites from the Sahara

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    While on a short day trip on the motobike, across a sand / rock area to the south east of Zagora, I was stopped in my tracks with that sence of fear, pumping through my veins. I had stopped the bike on her front wheel infront of a crater in the middle of nothing.

    sahara gate way meteorites

    The first thought was natural, I had riden into an unmarked and forgotten mine field. The wars over the last few centuries has left some areas of the Sahara riddled with unexploded pieces, had I just ridden into one of these zones? Keeping both of my feet inside my wheel track, I picked the bike up, sweating with the thoughts that we running through my head and did a 180'.

    When I had completed this delicate move and my feet were still attached to my legs, I started to look around in the sand: Spread out from the area were amounts of darker stone, meteorite... my shoulders relaxed as I realised the error of my first reaction. With a grin I filled up my swarrie with the superheated pieces of stone and rode off into the sunset.. a semi true story!

    My finds..

    my finds meteorites
    written : 2002 updated : 2020

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