sahara sunrise

The camel trekking itself conjures up romantic images of vast unending sands, desert oasis, and the night sky. If visitors to Morocco really want to lose themselves and get away from it all; there is no more extreme way than to set off across the great Sahara Desert on the back of a camel.

draa valley

You can discover the Waddi and the Desert on the back of a dromedary; the faster, one- humped brother of the two humped camel while spending the evenings camped out under the "hotel of 1000 stars". Morocco gives easy access into the Sahara using either Zagora and the Draa Valley, south of Merzouga or the deep south and Guemim

The Sahara in this region, varies from hard volcanic rock to endless sands, stretching as far as the eye can see...The sun rise is a mystical experience, you can rent a helicopter from Marrakesh, or take a 4x4 and spend the evening in one of the hotels which are found on the edge of the Sahara or spend your days following the ancient trade routes on the back of a camel.

draa valley sahara gate way

If you think the desert heat is too much you can take the Atlantic Coast Road enjoying the sea views as you make your way south past the fishing villages of this beautiful coast line.

Follow the instructions of your guide and you will be able to perform the basic operation and driving of a camel within a few hours.

valley draa

Getting on your camel: Your camel will be sitting on the ground when you get in the saddle. Just face forward, swing one leg over the camel and sit.

Stand: say Hup: The camel will get up off the ground. First, its back legs will go up, pitching you forward. Then its front legs will go up, pitching you back to your normal upright position.

Sit: say Pssshhh: The camel will drop to its knees and sit on the ground. Front legs first, back legs next.

Left: put your right arm straight out horizontally.

Right: put your left arm straight out horizontally.

Go: say hut-hut and whack camel on the behind with a stick.

Stop: gently pull back on the single line lead.