Mountain Bike Adventure

A mountain bike tour in Morocco is a great adventure solo or with friends as you can fly to Marrakech carrying your baggage: 35kg (including bike /trailer). Here is an example of one man, his bike and a map of 1/1000000 on tour in Morocco.

( 3 weeks on /off road ) giving 14 days cycling and 7 days of cool when you are on the road. Starting from Marrakech / Asni / Col. Tizi-n-Test / Taliouine / Tazenakht / Adgz / Ouarzazate / El-Kelaa / M'Gouna / Tinerhir Tamtattouchte / Imilchil / El Ksiba /Beni-Mellal / Marrakech.

holidays to Morocco Mountain Bike Mountain Bike

No trip computer just the the Michelin 959 map, which keeps the magic of Morocco hidden until you arrive. Climbed a few Cols in his tour thinking it was the last of the day, only to find the next 500m rise! This is the roots I'll get there approach, not for the faint hearted ..

This tour incorporates on-road and off-road sections as you climb over the numerous passes in the Atlas mountains. The temperature will rise and fall through 30'c between the extremes of the high Col., so dress with style! Shorts, quick drying cycle shirt, helmet, gloves, eye wear ...a must. You will need to drink 4-8 lt. each day depending on the weather, distance, road as you will not see yourself sweat, it just vaporizers- be careful.

Take an extra intake of salt in these conditions this can be done in many ways, from eating salt tablets to increasing the salt in all of your food.. Front legs of a biker do not need any sun cream, but watch the back as the afternoon sun has a habit of working its way through the sun block, cream up at regular intervals.

Mountain Bike

The desert is to hot for the bike activities after April so don't be late on arriving as the 40' c temperatures can burn you out and mixed with the straight roads you will wish that you stayed at home or left it to next year..

Mountain Bike: Including "dad's" old Bendor bike saddle / Camera / tool kit / 2 spare inner tubes for each wheel / pump / water bottle.

Trailer: Holding tent / sleeping mat / sleeping bag / cooking / food (spaghetti) / clothes / book / Local Phrase Book.

written : 2002 updated : 2020